Drone Video & Photo How To Shoot Professional Content 2021

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Hi! My name is Denis. I'm a professional drone pilot, and this is my author's video course that will help you to become a professional pilot, photographer and videographer with a drone! I'm cameraman, blogger, and content maker. I'm a person, who will teach you how to shoot with a drone! For more than 7 years, I have been traveling around the world and making content. And during this time, I have gained a lot of skills and experience working with a drone. I've seen all the possible situations that can only happen in the air. In this video course, I will share with you all my knowledge and experience that I have gained in practice. At the end of this course, you can easily take professional photos and cinematic videos. And now, I will show you which photos and videos you can take after passing this course. Let's begin! I made this with my own hand, something was captured while traveling, and something was captured just within 3 minutes from my home. For taking good photos and videos with a drone, you don't have to live near a big city or ocean. This course will change your vision on creating this kind of content. No matter where you live. I designed this course with graphics, screen shooting, and many of my drone flight examples, to get you involved, and having a permanent understanding during the whole time. Therefore, all you have to do is relax and immerse yourself in the world of aerial shooting. I can say with absolute certainty that this video course is the best on the market, and now, I will explain why: First: In this video course, I collected all the possible topics, both for the beginner and for the professional. Second: No senseless and boring theory, only practice. Third: There will be a lot of visual information in this course, and each of my words will be proven with a good example. Fourth: We will talk using a simple language, everything is going to be simple and understandable for you. Fifth: Everyone will be able to communicate with me and ask any question that they have. This video course is suitable for anyone, both for the one, who just thinks over buying a drone, and for the professional, who wants to get more knowledge and experience in aerial shooting. This course will also be suitable for anyone, who wants to capture personal trips, or to develop social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. And for someone, who wants to earn money using this kind of activity, shooting buildings, architecture, or nature. Here is a list of items you will get acquainted yourself in this course: How to choose the right drone. How to get a flight certificate. Control analysis and first take-off. How to fly with safety. How to prevent breaking the drone. How to fly above the water. What you need to do, if the signal is lost. Emergency landing. Acquaintance with an interface, important settings, camera settings for photo and video shooting. Sensitivity adjustment. Analysis of all flight functions. Flight techniques. How to take night photos. How to shoot using time lapse. We will also talk about such functions as SHUTTER SPEED, ISO, DIAPHRAGM, WHITE BALANCE, HDR, RAW. And more... Once you are ready to dive into the aerial world, I'll be waiting for you.




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