Build A Restaurant Site With Python and Django: Tutorial for Beginners

InstructorMahmoud Ahmed
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In this Django tutorial, you’ll see how to make a website with Python and Django. You’ll see that learning the core Django concepts will help you use it with ease for starting to build Django sample websites (I’ll demonstrate all the proceedings building a restaurant website in front of your eyes) with fun!

Reasons to take this Django tutorial for beginners

If you wonder if Django is popular among the builders of high profile sites, then yes. Such big players as Instagram, Mozilla, National Geographic, Pinterest, The Washington Post, and others use Django for secure and rapid URL mapping, views, building models and templates, forms, and other applications. Experienced users advise to learn Django online to those who have little experience with programming. It’s very user-friendly and saves a great deal of hassle as you don’t need to write all the code from scratch – instead, you can import the packages you need for your Django website.

To give a short description, Django is a Python Web framework that allows fast development from concept to completion. It helps you build websites with pragmatic and clean design. It’s been developed by experienced coders to deal with much of the hard work of web development, so the user doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel. Another advantage of Django is that it’s free and open source, and you can scale Django sample websites quickly and flexibly. When working with Django framework, you’ll be using Python which is a comfortable language to code and easy to learn. Typically, a Django tutorial for beginners will stress that this framework follows the “batteries included” philosophy, meaning that a developer will have everything he/she needs in one “out of the box” “product.”

Main benefits of learning Django online

You don’t need to have any prior experience to enroll in this Django tutorial for beginners. Some experience with Python will be beneficial, but we’ll walk through what you need to know anyway, so Python background is not essential. You’ll get a detailed introduction to building a website with Django, including the installation process. In your project, you’re going to be building a restaurant website with a system including such categories as Meals, Order a Meal, Reserve a Table, and Blog.

There are 3 sections in this Django tutorial covering the aspects that you need to learn and have a hands-on experience with before your restaurant website is ready to go public. Here’s a summary of what you’ll learn.

  • You’ll build apps for different site categories, and learn to set up static and media content. You’ll add category models and templates to make your website structure clear and easy to use.
  • You’ll try and add a blog into your site which will require learning how to add blog models and blog views, adding the filters, comment models and forms, as well as designing the comment view.
  • When you build the “About Us,” “Contact Us,” and “Home” sections, you’ll learn how to add the necessary features, and also fix the common issues in your project. You’ll also need to customize project admin, so this Django tutorial will teach you to do that. 
Learn, practice, and start using Django with ease and fun

Once you get practiced building a website with Django, you’ll see how easy and fun it can be, so I hope you’ll use it for your next projects, too. Enroll now in this detailed and easy to follow Django tutorial for beginners, learn how to make a website with Python and Django. Most importantly, you'll learn Django online while having fun!

Meet your instructors:

  • Mahmoud Ahmed photoMahmoud Ahmed
    Mahmoud Ahmed is a project manager at Almobarmig and Python developer with more than 6 years of experience. Also, he is the owner of a company specializing in programming training and development. Mahmoud holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Mansoura University. Mahmoud Ahmed has a passion for teaching Python programming. That’s what he is doing for the last 3 years. Till now, he has recorded more than 1000 videos on Python programming language and has more than 30,000 students who joined his tutorials. Mahmoud Ahmed has a YouTube channel in Arabic where he’s helped more than 16,000 students to learn Python programming and a Facebook group with various tutorials. On BitDegree, learning from this instructor, you can get a clear understanding of Python programming language. Mahmoud Ahmed will teach you all the basics and how to build websites using Python. You will get familiar with Django, PyQt5, MySQL, and others. Choose from the best Mahmoud Ahmed courses and start learning now!




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