Discord Clone - Learn MERN Stack with WebRTC and SocketIO

Course description
Learn how to connect MERN Stack with WebRTC and SocketIO.  We will go through all of the steps to create application with group call functionality. We will create WebRTC implementation to show how you can develop WebRTC application thanks to simple-peer.  We will use  SocketIO as our signaling server for our application and for realtime communication. After this course you will be able to create own application which will be using WebRTC. It does not matter if that will be the realtime communication game or video chat. You will know the process how to establish connection between peers(users). We will combine MERN Stack which stands for: MongoDB, Express, React, Node with WebRTC and SocketIO for realtime communication possibility. In this course we will build project from scratch and we will go through all of steps together. Functionality which we will create will be: Login / Registration (Authentication with JWT Token)Friends / Friends Invitation SystemRealtime chat functionality (SocketIO and MongoDB)Creating Video Group Call RoomsCourse requirements: Basic knowledge about React Basics about NodeWould be great to have some knowledge about websockets (SocketIO). It is not required but would be definitely easier to understand part with chat and videochat functionality. Course is not designed to learn every technology from scratch but how we can connect them together. Although at meantime of creation of application code will be explained step by step.




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