Diploma in International Marketing Management

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Today organizations worldwide look to expand their business internationally to obtain profit. With all the opportunities it is no surprise that the competition is ever-growing. Therefore, organizations focus on gaining competitive advantages by improving aspects of their business with one key area being marketing. Marketing is a crucial part of any business. it is the act of promoting and selling products or Services by defining their value to the customers. This diploma course aims at enabling learners to broaden their understanding of marketing in a global context. the course is divided into two modules. the first is international marketing and management which covers the global marketing environment and how the dynamic business environment is affecting marketing management functions. You will learn about marketing concepts and theories to facilitate a profound understanding of marketing and also realize the importance of international marketing and growing your business. Through this course, you will get to know how to make your way into the international market space by learning about the international market entry modes levels drivers' elements and more. the second module marketing management fundamentals and Analysis focus on the fundamentals of marketing management by diving in to process of marketing. It's different from the concept of selling and the challenges associated with sales. You will be introduced to the term marketing mix which is used to formulate an effective marketing plan by focusing on the four-piece of marketing which are product, price, promotion and place. Discover how you can segment the marketing identify the target audience and potential customers and position your product by learning about the STP model. This course also covers certain tools used for market analysis to prepare strategy plans and frameworks. this course is designed for aspirins who are actively interested in pursuing a career in a marketing role for global market brands. Marketing Professionals responsible for domestic market channels who are looking to advance their career into the international market. Entrepreneurs or business owners aiming to either expand their business internationally or start an import or export business. Market researchers and analysis planning to undertake research projects on customers of a defined international market for supporting product development. at the end of this course, you will have gained significant knowledge regarding the international market and methods to formulate a plan of action for the international target audience. you will be able to understand the requisite frameworks that must be adopted while developing a market strategy internationally.1. INTERNATIONAL MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT2. AN INTRODUCTION TO INTERNATIONAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT3. OVERVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL MARKETING4. MARKETING MANAGEMENT AND FUNDAMENTALS AND ANALYSIS5. FUNDAMENTALS OF MARKETING MANAGEMENT6. UNDERSTANDING MARKETING MIX AND STP7. MARKETING ANALYSIS - STRATEGIES, PLAN AND FRAMEWORKSCourse contentIn this course, you have 2 modules, 6 Units, 30 lessons and 5 quizzes. Module 01, Unit 01Lesson 01 - Introduction to the Diploma in international marketing management. Unit 02Lesson 02 - Introduction to Global EnvironmentLesson 03 - Introduction to MarketingLesson 04 - Influence of the Changing Business Environment on Marketing Management FunctionsLesson 05 - Marketing Approaches in Local, National, Regional and Global MarketingLesson 06 - Evaluation of Marketing ConceptLesson 07 - Evolving Marketing Concepts and TheoriesQuiz No 01. Unit 03Lesson 08 - International Marketing and ImportanceLesson 09 - International Entry ModesLesson 10 - International Marketing Levels and DriversLesson 11 - International Marketing TaskLesson 12 - International Marketing ElementsQuiz No 02. Module No 02Unit No 04Lesson 13 - Scope of MarketingLesson 14 - The Marketing ProcessLesson 15 - Sales ChallengesLesson 16 - Marketing vs SalesQuiz No 03Unit No 05Lesson 17 - Marketing in New EconomyLesson 18 - Marketing Mix - 4 P'sLesson 19 - Extended Marketing MixLesson 20 - 4 C's of Marketing MixLesson 21 - Marketing SegmentationLesson 22 - Target MarketingLesson 23 - Marketing PositioningQuiz No 04Unit No 06Lesson 24 - Developing Marketing StrategiesLesson 25 - Contents of Marketing PlanLesson 26 - SWOT AnalysisLesson 27 - PESTEL AnalysisLesson 28 - Ansoff's MatrixLesson 29 - BCG MatrixLesson 30 - Porter's Five Force ModelQuiz No 05I hope this Diploma course helps you to enter the international market properly like, after doing a feasibility study or analysis of the business environment. as well your marketing professionals can be uplifted with the knowledge that you gaining here. It will be helpful for your career promotions. I highly recommended this course for sales professionals, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Import export businessmen, as well as Students. This will be an investment for all success that you have gained in the future. And also, this will be your secret to success. I would like to warmly invite you to choose this course and be successful. Thank you very much and have a nice day for learning. Thank you!




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