Dimensional modeling: Pivot reports with multiple tables

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Do you analyze data? Are you creating reports? Pivot Tables? Or Dashboards?  This course teaches you how you can create the right data models for analytics and get results fast.  With the multiple table option in Excel  Power Pivot and Power BI this method is more important than ever! You will learn how to create a model for Power BI and Power Pivot tables with more than one table. If you look at the Microsoft Examples you will see dimCustomer and factSales. This course will teach you what that is and how to create it. You will learn a six step method that you can use for any project to get your model for Power Pivot and multi table pivot tables right.    Make your work easier and impress co-workers with better data models to analyze your data and get more flexible results faster and even more accurate. Learn what fact tables and dimension tables are and how to use them within the star schema. Three words already to impress your co-workers.  This course will teach you how to design a dimensional model according to the Kimball guidelines of creating start models for analyzing data. This model has been around for a very long time to create datawarehouses, but now you can use this for Excel Power Pivot. If you use this model for the structure of your tables, Power Pivot will give you great, flexible results. At the end of this course you will know how to design and implement the model, fill it and use it. There are three demos in this course that show you how you can put the model to work and how to fill it. Enroll in this course now to learn how to create the right models for Excel Power Pivot, Pivot Tables (using the multi table option) or any data warehouse solution and get that report done! 




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