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InstructorKevin Hartman
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Course description
This four-week Capstone of the Digital Marketing Specialization is designed to help you apply the principles you have learned in the previous courses. This capstone course is designed to give you hands-on experience in executing a digital marketing campaign for a fictitious firm selling electronics. In the previous courses on analytics and channels, you came up with strategies to identify a firm’s objectives, specify a few key ones, research alternatives to reaching the customer in their decision journey and finally propose a multi-channel digital marketing plan. In this capstone, you will execute a campaign, rather than creating another "plan". You will use an online simulation to do this. You will be a marketing manager for a firm selling digital cameras online through their webstore. You will be reviewing the products, pricing, margins, and historical sales. You will create a targeted ad campaign after researching appropriate keywords for the products you are selling. You will also review the basics of landing page design and search engine optimization. You will then create and execute an email campaign. Once these campaigns are executed, you get feedback on the KPI's such as revenue, profits, traffic, conversions. You will get an opportunity to redo this campaign, with new strategies, to improve your KPI's in the second round. This course is part of the iMBA offered by the University of Illinois, a flexible, fully-accredited online MBA at an incredibly competitive price. For more information, please see the Resource page in this course and
What will you become in the end:
Marketing manager
Meet your instructors:
Kevin Hartman photo
Kevin Hartman
Visiting Professor & Head of Analytics at Google
Aric Rindfleisch photo
Aric Rindfleisch
John M. Jones Professor of Marketing
Mike Yao photo
Mike Yao
Professor of Digital Media, Department Head
Vishal Sachdev photo
Vishal Sachdev
Clinical Assistant Professor , Director, Illinois MakerLab