DevOps on Cloud- IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure and AWS

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Welcome to this course- DevOps on Cloud- IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure and AWS. In this course, we would explore various DevOps services available on Amazon Cloud (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and IBM Bluemix. You will learn all the available Development tools and services under catalog, and what we can do with each service provided with platform. This is a beginner and intermediate level course specially for people with some previous background or interest in the domain of Software Testing or Operations. A lot of people working in the technology sector at some point of time may need to work on a project that demands some hands-on experience on Cloud DevOps. Companies are now shifting all of there operations from local servers to the Cloud. Teams are expected to maintain all DevOps operations on Cloud, be it creating a repository on git, commit changes, maintain Kanban dashboards, running Ansible or Jenkins, or performing integration tests. You can expect everything to be done on cloud platforms. Why choose this course: If you find yourself interested in this domain of Cloud DevOps, and would like to learn a few things on these three cloud platforms- AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure and IBM Bluemix. At the end of this course, you will be in a better position to decide the set of tools and services you can use among these three cloud platforms to host your DevOps project. You can do a comparative analysis based on the parameters you choose. When you are joining a team that is already working on any of these Cloud platforms (or a combination), you can learn a few concepts you may require to begin with. Here is a list of services/tools you will be learning: Services covered on Amazon Web Services: AWS CLICloud9CodeCommitCodeDeployCodeStarCodeBuildCodePipelineServices covered on Microsoft Azure: Azure BoardsAzure ArtifactAzure ReposAzure PipelinesAzure Test PlansTool IntegrationDevOps ProjectsDevTest LabsApplication Insights and DevOps Organization. Services covered on IBM Bluemix: Bluemix DevOpsWebApp ToolchainContinuous Delivery.




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