Data-Driven Testing (via Database) with Selenium & Nunit

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InstructorSaurabh Dhingra
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Selenium is one of the most famous UI test automation tool which works well with the NUnit testing framework. Data-Driven testing is test design and execution strategy where test data is external to your functional tests. One of the ways is to keep the test data in external source like a database. The library used to read data from the database (MySql) is MySql.Data In this two hours guided project, through hands-on, practical experience, you will go through concepts writing reusable and structure code, writing utilities to read test data from an external source like database, and derive test cases through these test data.

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  • Saurabh Dhingra photoSaurabh Dhingra
    Test Automation Architect and DevOps Specialist
    Saurabh Dhingra Saurabh believes in the untapped potential of human beings. He knows everyone can excel provided they get the right direction and guidance. Through Coursera, he wants to create awareness about the courses, tools, and scope of automation testing for the learners and seasoned professionals. What brought him here? Saurabh started teaching in his mid-teens to help his friends with Mathematics and Science. His friends loved it, and he rejoiced as he polished his skills as a trainer. He decided to hone his skills and get a degree in Information Technology. In the year 2010, he joined HCL to explore the needs and potential of automation testing on a global platform. For the next three years, he worked rigorously to understand and develop the methodology for developing frameworks on Automation tools and DevOps What is his Vision? During his tenure in IT, he realized people need help with the basics and advanced level tools on a deeper level. He initiated classrooms to help and diversify the Automation testing domain for his associates. Saurabh has helped his friends, associates, and students realize their dreams by closely working with them, guiding them through the thick and thin.




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