Cyber Security & Online Safety for Beginners & SMEs

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In today's world, cyber security is more important than ever. With so much of our lives taking place online, it's vital that we all become IT security savvy. Unfortunately, many of us are still the weakest link when it comes to cyber security. That's why this course is so important. It will expand your knowledge of cyber threats and show you what to do if you've been hacked. But that's not all. This series will also give you the tools you need to implement security measures for yourself and for your employer. Whether you're looking to improve your personal cyber security or safeguard your business, this course is for you. It Is Perfect for IndividualsThe course will teach you how to stay safe online and avoid being a victim of cybercrime, while also learning more about cybersecurity and how the threats from criminals and organizations that you deal with can impact your security. It's perfect for individuals who want peace of mind knowing their personal information and, financial data are protected at work or home as well! Personal security can also apply to small businesses. It Is Also Perfect for Small BusinessTo fully protect your business, and all the customers and stakeholders who rely on your business, it is crucial for everyone, at all levels and roles within an organization, to take an active stake in security and become a part of the solution. The small business owner can take this training without having an IT team because it covers all aspects that need consideration when protecting your data and PC's from hackers - both external (hacked email) & internal threats like malware on devices where employees store sensitive data in documents that contain personally identifiable information, credit card data, customer finances amongst other things. Simple Steps to Keep You SafeIn most instances being a victim of cybercrime can be avoided, however all too often people accidentally open up their systems to hackers by clicking on a button or taking a phone call from someone claiming to be from your internet provider, and the next minute, boom, your data, and financial security is compromised. Enrolling in Cyber Security & Online Safety for Beginners & SMEs is the best way to avoid becoming a victim of a cybercrime. This course will teach you how to keep your data safe from hackers by showing you how to spot the signs that someone is trying to hack into your system, and what steps you can take to prevent them from succeeding. You'll also learn what to do if you think you've already been hacked, and how to protect yourself in the future. Enroll now and take the first step towards keeping your data safe from cybercriminals and during the course, if you have questions or need additional support, we are here to help. We look forward to meeting you.




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