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CSS + HTML for beginners! Create a web page from scratch with this CSS & HTML project.  Learn the basics of HTML & CSS, for beginners.  If your expectations are too high then you will be disappointed with this course.  Don't bother.*********If you're expecting to master HTML and CSS with this course alone you will be disappointed.  Don't bother.*********If you're expecting to learn EVERYTHING about HTML and CSS in this course, you WILL be disappointed. Don't bother.*********This IS a beginners course that will give you the basic foundation of HTML and CSS. Nothing more and nothing less.*********If you appreciate working hard and learning this is the course for you.*********If you appreciate what it takes to learn a new profession, this course is for you.*********HTML and CSS is easy to learn and do.  However, it takes time!  You can NOT learn everything in an hour.  Anyone that tells you otherwise is lying to you.  I will not.  I speak the truth.  This is... HTML + CSS for beginners.  Learn all about HTML & CSS with this crash course for beginners.  You'll learn how to use HTML & CSS by doing an actual web development project! When you're finished with this course you'll have completed your first web development project with a real web page. You'll learn all of the following... the basics of HTMLbest practices for HTML structurethe basics of CSSbest practices for CSSthe foundation of both HTML and CSSmy top 3 recommended text editorshow to use tags for headlines, paragraphs and morehow to divide your page into different sections with div tagshow to style your page for pixel perfect designhow to add text and image linkshow to code a link to open in a new taband much more




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