Create a Text Generation Web App with 100% Python (NLP)

Course description
GPT-3 is a state-of-the-art text generation natural language processing (NLP) model created by OpenAI. You can use it to generate text that resembles text generated by a human. This course will cover how to create a web app that uses an open-source version of GPT-3 called GPT-Neo with 100% Python. That's right, no HTML, Javascript, CSS or any other programming language is required. Just 100% Python! You will learn how to: Implement GPT-Neo (and GPT-2) with Happy TransformerTrain GPT-Neo to generate unique text for a specific domainCreate a web app using 100% Python with Anvil! Host your language model using Google Colab and PaperspaceInstallations: NONE!!! All of the tools we use in this tutorial are web-based. They include Google Colab, Anvil and Paperspace. So regardless of if you're on Mac, Windows or Linux, you will not have to worry about downloading any software. Technologies: Model: GPT-Neo - an open-source version of GPT-3 created by Eleuther AIFramework: Happy Transformer - an open-source Python package that allows us to implement and train GPT-Neo with just a few lines of codeWeb technologies: Anvil - a website that allows us to develop web app using PythonBackend technologies: We'll cover how to use both Google Colab and Paperspace to host the model. Anvil automatically covers hosting the web app. About the instructor: My name is Eric Fillion, and I'm from Canada. I'm on a mission to make state-of-the-art advances in the field of NLP through creating open-source tools and by creating educational content. In early 2020, I led a team that launched an open-source Python Package called Happy Transformer. Happy Transformer allows programmers to implement and train state-of-the-art Transformer models with just a few lines of code. Since its release, it has won awards and has been downloaded over 13k times. Requirements: A basic understanding of PythonA google account - for Google Colab




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