Create a Cyberpunk street in Unreal Engine 5

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Now just a disclaimer if you want to use the same exact buildings i used in this course you are going to have to buy two cyberpunk kitbash3d assets but you can also use other free assets from the epic marketplace if you would like. Its totally up to you.​HARDWARE I USED FOR THIS COURSE: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10700K CPU @ 3.80GHz   3.79 GHzRTX 3060 16GB RAM1 TB SSDWindows OSHARDWARE REQUIREMENTS:12-Core CPU @ 3.4 GHz64 GB RAMGeForce RTX 2080 and upAtleast 8GB of VRAMWe will be using the free City Sample from the Epic Marketplace in this course so you will need to be able to run and open that project. So you wanna impress your hot neighbor but you dont know how? Lucky for you today i released my how to make a cyberpunk street in unreal engine 5 for beginners. For the price of 2 gallons of gas and 2 hours of your time you will go from not knowing about unreal engine to creating this an amazing cyberpunk street environment... Ive said this last year and I will say it again and again. Unreal Engine 5 is the future so you better get on it your gonna left behind. For my loyal supporters who will purchase this course, thank you. and for you people who wont, i hope your graphics card catch on fire. Table of contents: Part 1Installing Unreal Engine 5Creating project with City Sample Demo (free from Epic Marketplace)Purchasing two Cyberpunk assets from Kitbash3d WILL HAVE TO PURCHASE SEPARATELY IF YOU WANT YOUR FINAL PROJECT TO LOOK LIKE MINE) kitbash3dMerging Kitbash3d assets with City Sample Demo projectCreating new blank levelQuick viewport controls overviewPart 2Placing cyberpunk buildings and props into the levelWalking around the level for the first time using Third Person Template from City Sample DemoCreating road using new Modeling plugin built in UE5Adding  vehicles from sample as size referenceQuixel megascanDownloading free Quixel Megascan AssetsCreating blend materials using Quixel Bridge for the RoadPart 3Enabling LumenEnabling Virtual Shadow mapDeleting all default lights from the scene to start from scratchCreate post process volume for the levelSetting base exposureAdding street propsPart 4Creating lights for base exposureCreating more lights in the sceneFinessing the roadPart 5Populating the scene with crowd ai from the city sample demoPopulating the scene with vehicles from the city sample demoAdding more crowdadd more propsPart 6Downloading free high quality characters from the epic marketplaceGetting rid of the nasty texture streaming errorEnabling and creating cloth physicsChecking out the scene statistics by the numberPart 7Creating movie sequenceCreating cameraAnimating and keyframing cameraEnabling Movie Render QueueMovie Render queue settingsMovie Render queue console variablesSaving Movie Render queue presetsRendering the sequenceChecking out the rendered sequence in NLEThank you!




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