Create a complete 3D Animation -C5- Animation

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In this course you learn about the whole workflow starting from a concept to a finished sequence using industry standard packages. The techniques used in this course are suitable for small to medium studios. The software used are: Zbrush to create the model , Maya for Rigging and Animation while I used 3DS Max for VFX and rendering. Each chapter can be watched separately. so you can jump between chapters at your ease. Chapter 05: 3D Animation in MayaThe fun begins here! We start this chapter by stressing the importance of shooting references even if it is for a fantasy character! After that we use this later as a source of inspiration to do some roughly traditional drawing for the sole purpose of getting the: 'feeling of animation'. Don't worry! I'm no 2D artist myself! To be frank with you: animation is an extremely long process and a difficult skill to master. It requires a lot of practice and "eyes training" to see above normal eyes; I mean not see the movement but understand the why, the how, the mechanic of the body, why the arm moves in arcs! The mechanic of the movement itself. If you understand that you can use it on a fantasy character that has nothing to do with humanoid but the principles still apply there. Animation is the real fun to be honest but the most challenging part as well. I tried my best to keep this course as simple as possible and as short as possible. I will be sharing with you the techniques of tackling a shot like this.




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