CorelDRAW Beginners Essential Guide 2022 (MAC OS)

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CorelDraw is developed by COREL Corporation and this software helps to design and change vector graphics. That means you can create anything you like, such as logo, business card, t-shirt design etc. This software is very user-friendly and easy to use for creating vector graphic designs, illustration, and page layout. CorelDRAW was originally developed for Microsoft Windows. Although CorelDRAW Version 11 was released for Mac OS X in 2001 but was then discontinued on Mac. After that CorelDRAW was available for Windows only until the 2019 version. And Now CorelDRAW is available for macOS since 2019. You can learn all these tools & projects in this tutorial1. IntroductionIntroduction to CorelDRAW (MAC) & graphic designWelcome Screen:  New document (name preset, page count, color mode, paper size, unit, resolution)Interface CorelDRAW (MAC)          • CorelDRAW (MAC) options         • Handling windows         • Handling Toolbars & dockers 2. CorelDRAW (MAC)Document handlingNew document, New from templateOpen document, open recent documents, close documentSave & save as templateImporting, exporting & printing3. CorelDRAW (MAC) Important menu commandsEdit Menu Commands:         • Undo, redo, cut, copy, paste         • Delete, duplicate, clone, select all, find and replaceObject Menu Commands:         • Align and distribute         • Changing order of object (to front of page, to back of page, to front of layer, to back of layer, forward once, back one…)         • Group, ungroup and ungroup all         • Hide, show and show all         • Lock object, unlock object, unlock all objects         • Combined command         • Shaping methods (weld, trim, intersect, simplify, front minus back, back minus front)View menu commands:         • View modes (wireframe, normal, enhanced, pixel)         • Ruler, guidelines, gridlines, dynamic guidelines         • Snap to object, snap to guideline, snap to gridline4. CorelDRAW (MAC) toolbox & property bar commandsWorking with pick tools flyout         • Pick tool (select, resize, stretch, skew, rotate, mirror and etc.)         • Freehand pick tool         • Free transform toolZoom tool & pan tool (zoom in, zoom out, fit to page/ to page width/ to page height/ to contents/ to selection)Fill tools & filling methods (properties)         • Interactive fill tools         • Smart fill tools         • Mesh fill tools         • Color eyedropper tools         • Attribute eyedropper toolsCurve tools: Freehand tool, 2- point line tool, Bezier tool, pen tool, B-spline tool, Polyline tool, 3- point curve toolDrawing tools & properties         • Artistic media tool         • Live sketch tool         • Smart drawing toolRectangle tools (rectangle, 3- point rectangle)Ellipse tools (ellipse, 3- point ellipse) honestShapes tools ( polygon, star, spiral, common shapes, impact tool, graph paper)How to use tools in edit shape flyout         • Shape tool (corner style, convert to curves, nodes and curve styles)         • Smooth Tool         • Smear tool         • Twirl tool         • Attract and repel tool         • Smudge tool         • Roughen toolHow to use crop tools and erase         • Crop tool         • Knife tool         • Virtual segments delete tool         • Eraser toolWorking with text tool & Table         • Artistic text         • Paragraph text         • Path text         • Table textDimension tools (parallel, horizontal or vertical, angular, segment, 2-leg callout)Connector tools ( connector, anchor editing)How to use effects tools          • Shadow         • Contour         • Blend         • Distort         • Envelope         • Extrude         • Block shadowTransparency tool & properties5. CorelDRAW (MAC) Effects and Bitmaps CommandsEffects menu commandsEdit & trace bitmap images6. Practical Projects With CorelDRAW (MAC)Project 01: Illustrating a Simple LogoProject 02: Let's Illustrate CorelDRAW LogoProject 03:  Illustrating the Adidas LogoProject 04: Let's Draw an AppleProject 05: Let's Create a Business Card - Project 01Project 06: Let's Create a Business Card - Project 02




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