The Construction Industry: The Way Forward

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InstructorIbrahim Odeh, Ph.D., MBA
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Course description
This final course in the specialization provides an introduction on types of the construction projects as well as the main concern of the productivity challenge in the construction industry. Through case studies, you will learn the industry characteristics and its unique environment that led to such productivity performance as well as touch base on other several examples of challenges we are facing internally in the industry. In the 2nd part of the course, Professor Odeh will give an overview of 10 mega trends that are making us change the way we think about construction. Furthermore, Professor Odeh will discuss the main role of three levels on what needs to be done: an industry collaborative effort and role; a government role; and last but not least a company role. In this discussion, Professor Odeh will also touch base on several technological and innovative trends that are rising in our construction industry.
Meet your instructors:
Ibrahim Odeh, Ph.D., MBA photo
Ibrahim Odeh, Ph.D., MBA
Instructor, Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, Columbia University