Complete Weather App for WatchOS using SwiftUI, Combine

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SwiftUI has changed the entire dynamics of app development in iOS space. Now developing for watchOS is as easy as dropping reusable SwiftUI views into the app and run them against the correct target.

In this course, we are going to work on WatchOS and SwiftUI. With the introduction of SwiftUI, a lot of UI development have been combined and learning has become easy. For example, most of the concepts of SwiftUI that you learn and apply on iOS, iPadOS, MacOS and TVOS are same. WatchOS has different specs as far as the hardware, screensize etc goes so SwiftUI adapts to those changes and provides a look that works of WatchOS but the code you write is pretty much same as SwiftUI for iOS.

We will start our journey of WatchOS by building a clone of Weather app, which is present in your Apple Watch. we will learn to build watchOS app in SwiftUI. You will learn about Combine, Core Location, Codable Protocol and will learn to request user's location tracking permissions to present weather condition information about their current location.

Learning Objectives:

  • WatchOS and SwiftUI
  • Location permissions and location access
  • Info.plist and location tracking permissions
  • Use of CLLocationManager and Location Tracking on WatchOS
  • Generic Network Manager
  • Networking and API calls from WatchOS
  • Use of OnReceive Observer to monitor changes in location
  • Reverse geocoding for coordinates

What Will I Get ?

  • WatchOS
  • SwiftUI
  • Combine
  • iOS Development
  • Remote API Processing
  • Generics


  • Xcode Knowledge
  • Swift Knowledge
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