Complete Guide To Instagram Hashtags: Increase Hashtag Reach

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Are you new to Instagram and want to learn about hashtags? Are the hashtags you currently use getting no reach? Or, do you simply want to become a hashtag pro? If so, then this class is perfect for you. This class is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about Instagram hashtags. Module 1: The Hashtag Ranking LadderIn this module, I explain exactly how Instagram hashtags work and the way the algorithm tests your content within each of the hashtag size boundaries. Module 2: Hashtag Stacking ExplainedHashtag stacking is a common strategy used by all of the top creators. It involves selecting a certain number of hashtags from each of the ladder size boundaries explained in module 1. I tell you exactly why this technique is so effective and the exact number of hashtags you need to select for each size. Module 3: Creating Hashtag SetsYou can't simply use the same hashtag set forever. Over time your reach will decline so you need to have a backup plan. I explain why creating various hashtag sets is so important. Module 4: Where To Put Your HashtagsInstagram gives you the option to place your hashtags in either the caption or the comments section. I display my preference from my own personal experience and how I actually write my captions to cater for hashtags. Module 5: How To Rank On HashtagsI explain EXACTLY how the Instagram algorithm works so that you can build a relationship with it, in order to eventually rank on the hashtags. This module is a MUST listen. Module 6: Hashtag Tips To RememberTo round up I share some of my top hashtag tips that you need to remember when implementing your Instagram hashtag strategy. Failing to follow these could make or break the performance of the hashtags you use. I look forward to teaching you everything you need to know in order to achieve Instagram hashtag goals. See you inside the course!*NOTE: Please do NOT buy this course if you have bought/are going to buy my flagship Instagram Marketing: The Complete Guide To Instagram Success course as these modules are also in that course curriculum.- Ethan Bridge- Social Media Marketing School




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