CodeIgniter 4: Build a Complete Web Application from Scratch

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CodeIgniter 4 is a modern, fast, lightweight, PHP MVC framework that allows you to build secure applications quickly and easily. It's simple to install and use, and works well on shared hosting. CodeIgniter provides a rich set of libraries for common tasks, which lets you focus on your project by minimizing the amount of code you need to write. Learn how to develop PHP applications with CodeIgniter in this Comprehensive Course. How to quickly install and configure the frameworkLearn how to separate presentation code from application codeHow to do CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operationsSignup: User account registrationAuthentication: login with remember meUser administration with administrator usersAccount activation by emailUser-initiated password resetFile uploads and image processingAjax requests and JSONStyling using a CSS frameworkInternationalization: displaying content in more than one languageDeployment: installing the application on shared hostingThe essential skills required to develop applications quickly using CodeIgniter. Developing PHP web applications is faster if you use a framework. There are many available frameworks, but some require a lot of configuration to get started, and need a powerful server to run. CodeIgniter is a lightweight but powerful framework, that's easy to install, and works well on shared hosting. On this course, we'll start from scratch, starting with installing the framework, through developing a complete web application, to ultimately installing it on a live server. Content and OverviewThis course is designed for the PHP developer who wants to learn the CodeIgniter framework in depth. I designed the course to be easily understood by PHP developers who have no previous experience of a framework, and who want to develop full, feature-rich applications quickly and easily. Learning the techniques on this course will enable you to write web applications using CodeIgniter faster than you would be able to do in plain PHP. Suitable for all PHP developers, you'll start by learning the basics of the CodeIgniter framework. You'll learn how the framework is organised, and how to work efficiently with it. We'll build a full web application from scratch, with each concept explained in detail at every stage. Throughout the course, we'll build code that you can reuse in all your projects. All the source code developed in the lectures is available to download. All the time we'll adhere to industry standards and best practices. When you complete the course you'll be able to use CodeIgniter to create fast, flexible web applications, with all the features a modern web application requires. Complete with all the code shown in the lectures, you'll be able to work alongside the instructor and will receive a verifiable certificate of completion upon finishing the course. Also, at all times throughout the course you have access to the instructor in the Q & A section to ask for help with any topic related to the course. Enrol now and become a master of the most popular lightweight PHP MVC framework!




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