Closed Captions and Automatic Translation Made Easy

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This is Closed Captions and Translation Made Easy. Here you will learn how to create closed captions from scratch or from a video script and translate it into any language you want. In fact, there are several reasons for you to do closed captions. Here are some: Not everyone can hear - in the world there are thousands of deaf people who depend on captions to understand what is being said in the videos. Many people can't or won't turn on audio - there are people who watch videos in places where they cannot turn on the sound; hence the captions will make all the difference in understanding the video. Captions enhance understanding - Many people watch television shows or movies with captions on, even if they are native of the original language being spoken. They do so simply because listening and reading at the same time greatly enhances the understanding of what is being said. Not everyone speaks your language - In fact, for those who do not speak your language have to watch your videos, subtitles will help them. How is this course organized?Here is how this course is organized: Download and Installation of the captioning and translation software. Interface explanation of the captioning and translation software. Captioning and synchronizing from scratch - here, you will create captions from scratch. Shortcuts to speed up the captioning and synchronizing process. Captioning and synchronizing from a Script- here, you will create captions from a video script. Automatic translation using Google Translate - here, you will use free and paid translation services. Uploading to Udemy and Youtube - you will take the captions created and upload to Udemy and Youtube.




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