Cisco CCNA to CCNP Transition (The CCNA Challenges)

Course description
Whenever I taught  CCNP in the class-room, I found that Students were confused about some topics or commands that they have studied in the CCNA course (with someone else!), and I had to clarify or re-explain these topics or commands to them. This is because these topics or commands are confusing by their nature, or because the way that they are typically explained to the students. Therefore, the idea of this course came in my mind, which intend to clarify those confusing topics or commands. This course contains five sections: Working with Passwords: which contains thoughts on passwords, understand the meaning of the no service-encryption command, and how to break the type 7 encryption. Working with Telnet: which contains how to work with telnet as source or destination, and how to telnet to a specific port. . Miscellaneous Topics: such as understanding the network command, the VTP client mode, the longest match rule, and the meaning of the OSPF process ID being locally significant . Everything about static Routing!: which explains almost everything about static routing and moving gradually from basic concepts and configurations to the advanced ones such as load balancing and floating static routes with IP SLA. Then we have to solve the challenge of making the configuration of the floating static routes working by getting help from HSRP! You will find this part of the course enjoyable and challenging. Understanding the OSPF LSA Types: Where I have explained the OSPF LSA types 1,2,3,4, and 5 , the metric and metric types used with OSPF redistribution, and the usage of the OSPF subnets keyword and the EIGRP no auto-summary command. Configuring Frame-Relay: Where I have explained Basic Frame-Relay Configuration​, how to configure Frame-Relay Multipoint sub-interfaces​, and how to solve issues with routing protocols in a frame-relay network. You do not have to watch the videos in any particular order.  You can go directly and watch the videos related to topics or commands that you feel that they confusing or not clear. At the end of the course, there will be a practice test that you can use to find if these topics or commands are clear or still confuse you. You can attempt this practice test after watching the videos as a final check or even before to decide which topics or section you have to watch. I hope that that you will find this course useful, and that it will clarify confusing topics or commands for you, so that you can fully understand the CCNA curriculum, and be ready for your CCNP studies!.




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