Church Growth: Church Marketing Workshop For Church Leaders

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RequirementsEntry Level Course - This course takes you from Zero to Hero! DescriptionBrett Henderson gives an intensive seminar to pastors at a 2,000+ member church in Hawaii. He begins by explaining why marketing is crucial for the Christian Church and why the Church as a whole is falling behind in the United States. He then continues to explain a Biblically grounded approach to marketing. Brett explains the basics of influence & marketing and ultimately builds your marketing knowledge to a point where you can customize your own church marketing strategy (with provided materials & workbook). I CREATED THIS COURSE TO HELP YOU DISCOVER WHY YOUR CHURCH ISN'T GROWING AND HOW TO FIX IT. Having been trained as a pastor (4 years of Bible college) and working with churches across the United States, I have found that church leaders have a Major Disadvantage when trying to expand and reach new audiences. Pastor's are trained to teach and interpret the Scriptures. Business executives, salespeople, and professional marketers are trained to grow organizations. Having worked in Christian ministry, corporate sales, and a as professional marketer, my calling is to help you to bridge the gap between ministry and business so you can reach the world with the Gospel message. Reactions From The Live Training: Absolutely amazing content and delivery. It Covered the basics of marketing and practical strategies to take my group to the next level. This course met a need I never knew I had.- Pastor Frank, First Assembly of GodThis is all new information to me. The presentation was great and I believe it will be helpful for my ministry in Samoa.- Pastor Mila, First Assembly of GodI usually fall asleep or get tired during seminars, but this is very real, practical, and down to earth that it makes me hunger for more practical techniques for engaging people effectively.- Unnamed Pastor, First Assembly Of GodAT THE END OF THIS COURSE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO:★Identify problems in your current marketing strategy.★ Be able to identify your church's specific target audience.★ Create a high-level, custom marketing strategy for your church that spurs growth. ★ Think like a highly trained marketer. WHAT THE COURSE FOCUSES ON#1 - The 5 techniques Jesus used that made Him such a powerfully effective influencer.#2 -How to create custom church marketing strategy & marketing funnels.#3 -How to think like a marker to get more growth. WHAT YOU'RE REALLY GETTING★ Totally Free 1-Hour Meeting With Your Instructor★ You're getting a Biblically-based approach to marketing that your church leaders are going to love.★ You're getting a common marketing vocabulary you can use with your Church staff so you stop talking past each other.★ You're getting a high-level marketing framework that you and your team will share.★ You're getting clarity as to what roles each staff member plays in your church's overall marketing strategy (Everyone on staff is a marketer!).★ You will save time & money you would have on inefficient and ineffective aspects of your old marketing strategy. WHAT YOU'RE NOT GETTING★ You're not getting a course with overly technical business & marketing jargon.★ You're not getting secular marketing strategies that are insensitive to the needs of the Church. THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU IF:-You want to discover effective church growth strategies.-You want training that gets your staff on the same page with marketing strategies. -This course is for you if you want to lay an effective, Biblical foundation for church growth.-This course is for you if you're the leader of a church or Christian nonprofit. Click the Buy Now button and join me in this course. WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE COURSE?★ 3 Hours of video content.★ PDF Workbook To Follow Along With.★ Lifetime Access to the course and all updates.★ Totally Free 1-Hour Meeting With Your Instructor.




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