ChatGPT for All: Learn prompting use cases industry wise.

Course description
Understand difference between ChatGPT 3.5 and 4 (free vs plus version) and which one you can use for your purposeUnderstand how prompting works in ChatGPT using industry wise use cases (Teachers, Students, Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Content Creators, Marketing Managers, Support Agents, Customer Support Managers, HR Managers, Financial Analysts, Accountants, Software Developers, Project Managers, Production Managers, Engineers Store Managers, Sales Associates, etc. )Learn different types of prompting (Zero Shot, One shot, Few shot prompting, Tabular, Step by step, Ask before answering, Perspective, Critic or compare, Role, result, goal, constraint prompting etc. )Leverage ChatGPT to simplify your day to day works in any vertical by any student/ professionalUnderstand how you can integrate ChatGPT api to google sheetsPrivacy issues with ChatGPT, reasons behind why some countries like italy has banned ChatGPT Additional Learning: Use AI Tools like ChatGPT (script generation), voice cloner (to clone your voice), Image generation (to use your or AI generated Images), Video creation (using all the above create your own video). Tools used in this course: ChatGPT, longshot, Elevenlabs, murf, lexica , midjourney, discord, Dall. E, d-id, deepmotionGet certified and hand on experience on the latest technology at the end of course. Using this knowledge you can earn passive income from freelancing websites.




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