InstructorMartin Belvisi
Duration9h 37m 52s
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Course description

In this course you'll learn everything you need, from the ground up, to create the type of cartoon characters you see in modern tv shows like Dexter's Laboratory, Fairly Odd Parents and My Little Pony. All by using the free, open source program Inkscape, and the mouse. That's right you'll be drawing using your everyday mouse and keyboard!, you won't need an expensive tablet. And since we are working with a completelly different illustration paradigm here, you won't even need to know how to draw!.


Here's a quick summary of the course's contents.

First you'll learn Inkscape for illustration, we'll take a complete and in depth view at the program and by the end of the first unit, you'll be able to draw not just what will be in this course, but anything you want!.

Then we'll delve into the character design part of the course with the head. You'll learn to draw the most common head features you see in cartoon shows in step by step lessons, and to finish the unit, you'll apply the principles of character design to be able to build nice looking heads always.

Next will be the body unit, where you'll learn to draw any type of cartoon body, as well as the best methods and techniques so you can create any character easily by taking advantage of the features of Inkscape.

And finally you'll learn how to make the characters nice looking by applying line, color and light and shadows.

All the while you'll be learning the principles of character design as well as how to apply them practically by making five different characters, all in step by step, commented, real time videos.


Drawing in a vector illustration software feels different than drawing traditionally so this course is perfect for anyone who would like to learn to make characters but thinks that can't draw traditionally.

No previous artistic experience needed!. No previous vector software experience needed!. No drawing tablet needed!.

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