C Programming Language Demystified

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What sets us apart from other C language courses?  Our novel approach presents the course in real-world illustrations through animation and examples.  We explain why you do it, not just how.  Have you ever tried to "learn C in an hour", it sometimes takes a little more time.  We know that understanding the "why" is just as important as the "how" in getting your head around the concepts of C programming. This course is designed to be comprehensive, so we assume that you desire the following: Knowledge of computer fundamentals Basic programming fundamentals Mastery of the C programming language through a self-study program Why you should learn the C programming language You want to use curiosity and "out-of-the-box" thinking to create excellent computer programs. Our voice-over artists are selected to complement the animation and unique teaching styles of our instructors.  Tests, quizzes and assignments are dispersed throughout the course to help you retain more information.  The self-study nature and added new material ensures that the learning never stops.  As the student, your effort and participation determines the extent of your mastery.  If you write sufficient programs to practice as you come to the end of each chapter, then you will become a master in the C programming language.  We are continuously adding course content and revising older courses to benefit our students. Whether you are an undergraduate in engineering, a polytechnic student, a professional or looking for an engaging career, then this course is for you! Be ready to explore writing programs in the conventional DOS based TC compiler, the latest IDEs as well as the GCC compiler in the Linux environment. We are excited to get you started in the rewarding process of learning and mastering the C programming language.  Start this course now and get ready to have the C language demystified!




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