C in Depth: The Complete C Programming Guide for Beginners

Level:All Levels
InstructorTELCOMA Global
Duration4h 30m
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Course description


This C Programming course makes you familiar with the the basic practical details of this essential language. In this training we present the easiest way to learn the basics of C from the ground up. By the end of the course you will have a thorough knowledge of C language and would be able to implement it with ease.

The curriculum starts with the basics of C and then explains C variables, operators, statements, Loops, Functions, Arrays, pointers and moves on to Strings, Methods, File handling.

These exhaustive C practical lectures will provide a solid reference for both experienced programmers and those who are brand-new to the language.

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn all Important Concepts of C
  • Understand Comments and Operators
  • Apply Loops
  • Use Arrays
  • Use String and Method
  • Complete Projects
  • Understand Keywords, Variables and Data Types
  • Implement Statements
  • Implement Functions
  • Apply Pointers
  • Understand File Handling


  • A computer installed with Windows/Linux /OS X
  • Internet Connection
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