Business Writing - A Practical Course with Case Study

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DOES ANY OF THIS SOUND FAMILIAR...?You write Emails, memos, reports, etc. with too many grammatical and vocabulary mistakes. You waste much time on Google and dictionary whenever writing. You write with word-by-word and informal styles, causing confusion to your clients. For sure, you show a lack of professionality at work. Then, you may miss the chance of job advancement due to bad business writing ability. Or, you may get so many claims/ complaints about your informal writing styles from overseas clients. If it does, then you already know that not being able to master Business Writing is hurting your career. THAT'S WHAT INSPIRED ME TO CREATE THIS COURSEI knew too many people who, like you, were being negatively impacted every single day, simply from not having ability to write E-mails, memos, reports in professional business manner. THIS COURSE WILL HELP YOU: Understand what makes professional Business writing style. Apply writing principles to improve your Business writing skills. Know how to write high-impact E-mail with clients. Learn how to avoid common errors in writing with overseas. Know how to edit and proofread business documents. Save a lot of time with sample writing and expressions for Business purpose: Inquiry & Reply, Quotations, Offers, Sales letters, Complaints and Claims, etc. WHAT MAKES THIS COURSE DIFFERENT?THE METHOD: Practical and straightforward method helps students easily understand and apply. CASE STUDY MATERIALS: Real case studiese and sample writings are put into lessons to become more interacting and engaging. EASY LANGUAGE: We use familiar English word, very comprehensive to follow. All videos are all English-captioned, appropriate for both Native and Non-native speakers. SELF-PACED: You can learn anytime, anywhere at your own pace.




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