Build Your Own Automatic Image Downloader With PHP - 2023

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Welcome to this course , this course assumes you have no prior knowledge of using PHP for making automation tools . By the end of this course you'll be able to use selenium with PHP and make your own automation tool. You will also be able to make use of PHP CLI in an effective way in your future PHP tools/projects. You will have much knowledge to automate the basics tasks using PHP and Selenium. This course gives you practical knowledge on making your own automation tool using PHP and Selenium , basically Selenium is used for testing purpose but in this course we are using Selenium to make an automation tool for downloading images automatically i. e., Automatic Image Downloader. We will start with setting up our working environment by downloading all the required softwares. Then you will have some tutorials on using PHP with Selenium and its different methods. We will see how to make PHP coordination with Selenium using PHP bindings for Selenium. This course is divided in number of sections each section contains detailed tutorials which will helps you in making the automation tool. By the end of this course you will have a intermediate understanding of how to use Selenium with PHP using its bindings. RequirementsA pc with internet connectionNo prior knowledge of automation is requriedWhat is included in this courseLecturesResource Covered in this courseSetup PHP in your computer systemEnabling important PHP extensionsDownloading PHP bindings for SeleniumDownloading Selenium Server and chromedriverWhat is Selenium webdriver and what are its different methodsConnecting PHP with Selenium Server and chromedriverBuilding a basic automatic color palatte generator toolBuilding Automatic Image Downloader from scratchOutcome of this courseYou will be able to make effective use PHP CLI in your future projectsYou will be able to make effective use of Selenium and PHPyou will have knowledge to automate the basic tasks using PHPWho is this course forStudents who wants to get deeper into PHPStudents who want to make a wonderful automation project with PHPStudents who wants to learn PHP CLIStudents who want to get a basic understanding of Selenium




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