Build your 1st Arduino IOT Project & Game: Arduino for Kids

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#Only course on this platform teaching Hardware gaming using Arduino #No special Hardware required for IOT CourseBe a Game Developer & Build your own Arduino Playstation!! Step by step approach to build animations, programming instructions to build games & Program the Arduino to build your own games which can be controlled by hardware (push button, Sensor) interfaced with the Arduino you will also program your computer so that you can play the games using your keyboard. You will build many games during the course like  Flapping wings Bat GameObstruction avoider Bird can be played using the IR sensorA full fledged Paddle Brick GameCar Racing gameLearn to program for the Game FeaturesDisplaying Dynamic ScoresDisplay messages of Winning or Losing the gameBuild your own IOT (Internet of Things) Applications & be a Game DeveloperStep by step approach to build IOT systems. Learn basic IOT fundamentals to develop & build your own applications on IOT without using special hardware. Control an LED from Internet, Mobile & KeyboardControl a Robot from Internet, Mobile & KeyboardBuild a Home Security system with remote control from any part of the worldAnybody can learn IOT  Applications & Game DevelopmentScratch based software to build the animations & programming the Arduino, making it easy & effortless to build great IOT Applications & games for any age group from any background. Build any game you can imagine This course will help you learn toLearn to interact with your Arduino through Internet, Mobile & KeyboardBuild Graphics AnimationsConvert the animations into software gamesInterface Arduino & hardware with the games and play them through the Arduino or keyboardNote: Those under 18 but above the age of consent may use the course only if a parent or guardian opens their account, handles any enrollments, and manages their account usage.




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