Build A Socially Responsible Business Model

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Have you ever heard the term "social responsibility" in the context of business and wondered, "How can I make sure my establishment is socially responsible?" Have you asked yourself how to make your brand more eco-friendly? Have you thought about the positive impact you and your business can have on our planet? Well, this course is for you! There are many benefits to moving towards being more socially responsible, but we understand this can be an alien prospect for some. This course will give you the knowledge and guidance that you need to move the business you work for forward and ultimately make a positive change. The course will also teach you how you can inspire your staff to want to make adjustments to their own behaviours which in turn will further drive positive change. Over a series of six insightful video-based lectures, you will learn everything you need to know about the importance of going green. In the beginning, the course will introduce you to what it means to be sustainable and socially responsible. Afterwards, we'll discuss various types of social responsibility and how these can impact business practice. After which, we'll move on to defining what specific changes you can adopt in order to succeed in going green as a brand. Of course, making your business sustainable is a big challenge that comes with several barriers, however, during our course, we'll also dive deeper into how to target those obstacles. Since eco-friendly businesses are constantly shaped by our knowledge of sustainability and social responsibility, it is vital to keep an eye out for current trends and figures, and the latest in best practices. This is why towards the end of the course we'll discuss the main trends and the impact they have on shaping your brand and business. So, are you ready to go green? Enrol now and learn more!




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