Build a Real-time Stock Market Dashboard using Power BI

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InstructorAbhishek Jha
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Course description
In this 1 hour long project, you will build an attractive and eye-catching personal stock dashboard that is able to fetch the prices of stocks and cryptocurrencies in real-time. We will be using one of the best finance APIs to fetch real-time stock prices. We will begin by importing relevant financial data using the finance API. We will import two different data: one for stock summary and another for historical prices. We will then create our dashboard. In the final tasks, we will automate the dashboard so that you can get live prices and data for any of your favourite stocks or cryptocurrencies within a few seconds. By the end of this course, you will be confident in importing financial data using finance API, creating dashboards and live tracking of all of your favourite stocks in real-time using Power BI.
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Abhishek Jha
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