Boost your online sales using psychological triggers

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COURSE DELIVERY IN ENGLISH (The lectures are in Hindi as well for more clarity)---------------------------# This course is primarily aimed at  students who speak & understand both English & Hindi. Power up sales to get 10x revenue- Why Sales ?- Why involve prospect's emotions ?- Shift in selling- Knowing your target audience- Ideal prospect demographics & psychographicsPsychology of conversions in sales funnels- Concept of sales & marketing funnel- Squeeze page- Lead magnet- Conversion matrix for online sales- Dissecting brain for higher sales conversionSpike in sales by applying urgency matrix- Customer behaviour - Pain & Pleasure- Product launch secret triggers- Power of scarcity marketing- Techniques to create urgency- Discover how big brands use this techniquesAdd on psychological triggers- Scarcity types & what not to do- Correct way to use scarcity in your sales page- Use scarcity in your blogs correctly- Using scarcity in your Facebook ads correctly- Using Scarcity for B2B conversions correctlyPsychological pricing for explosive sales- How to price ?- Secret weapon for all your future pricing strategies- Pricing tactics used by top digital marketers- Pricing tactics - Case studies of top online brands- Right pricing strategy for course creatorsAdd On Psychological Triggers- How discounts affect online consumer buying behaviour- Decision Fatigue - Avoid mistakes that decrease conversion- Rules to use bonus the right way- Social proofing as a trigger- Pressing the emotional trigger and guarantee matrix




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