Blockchain in Healthcare: The Complete Guide (2022)

Course description
This Course Will Enable You To: Have in-depth understanding of specific use cases of Blockchain in HealthcareUnderstand and evaluate Blockchain proposals and emerging applicationsUnderstand the fundamentals behind Health Data Transactions, Smart Contracts and moreBecome a go-to resource for quickly evolving trends in healthcareLearn how tech companies are positioning themselves for Blockchain from an industry insiderBuild a solid understanding of the most important use cases of Blockchain in HealthcareExplore fun, interactive, and highly effective lessons from an experienced silicon-valley insiderMaster Blockchain in Healthcare case studies, trends and use cases that you won't find in ANY other course, guaranteedTake your Health Technology skills from ZERO to PRO with Blockchain in HealthcareThis Course is ideal for: Anyone interested in understanding how Blockchain is used in healthcareThose familiar with Blockchain cryptocurrency but want to understand healthcare applicationsHealthcare professionals looking to quickly ramp up on Blockchain in Healthcare and emerging use cases7 Questions That We Will Answer: Why does the healthcare industry need Blockchain technology?What are the top-5 use cases within the healthcare that are ripe for innovation and can be transformed using Blockchain technology?What are some of the major commercial deployments and pilot projects globally? What approaches are healthcare industry stakeholders taking to implement relevant use cases?How is Blockchain technology poised to drive business and care-delivery model innovation?What are some of the Blockchain commercial deployment considerations and strategic imperatives for success?How big is the Blockchain technology market in healthcare? What are the projections for investment versus revenue payback (breakeven analysis)?




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