Becoming a Production MySQL DBA

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******* Course Overview *******Welcome to this amazing course on MySQL Server Administration. You will learn all aspects of MySQL Server including setting it up, managing it, troubleshooting it. You will learn how to upgrade MySQL, how to setup replication, how to migrate to AWS cloud, and much more!******* Course Contents *******MySQL Server IntroductionWhy MySQL?Meet Bob, The future DBAMySQL WebsitesMySQL Server InstallationInstalling MySQL Server Community EditionInstalling MariaDB Database ServerInstalling Percona MySQL Serverinstalling Specific MySQL VersionRemoving MySQLExploring MySQL ServerMySQL ArchitectureMySQL Installed File LocationsMySQL Executable ProgramsMySQL Shell CommandsMySQL Socket FileMySQL Global & Session VariablesMySQL Remove vs Local ConnectionsMySQL User AdministrationMySQL AccountsCreating DBA Account WITH GRANT OPTIONMySQL RolesGranting Permissions to RolesGranting Roles to UsersMySQL Database AdministrationStoring Auth Credentials using mysql config editorMySQL Administrative Programsmysqlimport, mysqlshow, mysqlcheck utilitiesLoading Time Zone DataDownloading Example DatabasesMySQL Server ConfigurationMySQL Default Option FilesAdding Option FilesOption File InclusionsMySQL Error LogMySQL Binary Log FilesRelocating InnoDB System TablespacesMoving Redo Log FilesUpgrading MySQL ServerPerforming MySQL Minor Version UpgradePerforming MySQL Major Version UpgradeRunning Pre-Upgrade ChecksVersion Comparison Between Primary & ReplicaMySQL ReplicationPerforming Traditional Position-Based RelicationPerforming GTID ReplicationIgnoring Databases for ReplicationExcluding Tables from ReplicationMySQL Storage EnginesBLACKHOLE MEMORYINNODBCSVMySQL InnoDB Storage Engine ConfigurationInnoDB ArchitectureMemory-Based ArchitectureInnoDB Buffer PoolDedicated ServerDoublewrite BufferSystem TablespacesMySQL Backup & RestorePerforming Hot BackupPerforming Cold BackupPerforming Logical BackupsRestoring from Hot/Cold BackupsRunning MySQL on DockerInstalling Docker EnginePulling MySQL ImageRunning MySQL ContainerDBA Tips & Tricks ClubCustomizing MySQL Prompt******* January 2023 - Course Update *******SECTION: Running MySQL on DockerLessons Added: Converting MySQL Instance to ContainerInstalling MySQL Server on Docker HostDemo - Attach Container to Instance******* Feburary 2023 - Course Update *******NEW SECTION: Cloud Database AdministrationLessons Added: Cloud Database Lab SetupCreating Droplets on DigitalOceanDisabling SELINUXGTID Based Replication SetupOnline Data Duplication using xbstreamSetting up AWS Cloud ReplicaNEW SECTION: Database ScriptingLessons Added: Introduction to Shell ScriptingShell Script PermissionsBash Shell ShebangMixing Text with Shell CommandsShell Script ArgumentsShell VariablesOutput of Command as VariableFor Loop in Shell ScriptingAssignment: Create Shell Sript to Create MySQL AccountsAssignment: Create Shell Script to Download Example DatabaseAssignment: Create Shell Script to Create tables in specific databasesIntroduction to Percona ToolkitInstalling Percona Toolkitpt-mysql-summary pt-summary




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