Become an E-Commerce Entrepreneur

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What's your life like at the moment?The 9-5 disease has become an epidemic and only a few escape. If you feel like your not reaching your full potential and want to start an e-commerce empire to change your life in every possible way, then don't just keep it as a fantasy and, let's turn it into a reality. The hardest part about starting a business, is starting the business. People have quit their dreams just because they could not locate a product to sell or don't know the first thing about contacting a manufacturer. What does this course do for those types of people?You can picture this course as an escape. Malonda has provided a WORKING step-by-step method to create your online empire, covering every section along the journey. You will learn and morph into the traits of an entrepreneur, use special formulas to determine what your main product will be, contact internal manufacturers to create samples/bulk orders, gain tertiary freight forwarding knowledge for importing and exporting, creating your website and hitting the launch button. These sort of opportunities don't come every day and one of the main questions that we get asked is What difference is this course to the other e-commerce courses available? and we simply reply with Other online entrepreneurs will tell YOU what to do, but they will never tell you what THEY do. This is not a teacher-student course, this is a lifestyle change and we jump right in the passenger seat with you, while you drive into the future. Excitingly, offering unlimited support through phone, chats and emails. You will have the ability to make comments on each topic/session should you need assistance. How every part of the course applies to the average salary and lower. Sounds crazy, but it's not. We have to remind everyone that we understand that you are not a millionaire and don't expect you to rob a bank in order to start this business. Many other courses have been described as unreasonable with the expectation that anyone learning can afford a $10,000 shipment in one purchase. The average salary in USA is $43,000 and in Australia is $85,000 and we take this into consideration and every approach is budget friendly to ensure you aren't spending large amounts of money that will be financially detrimental. If you are earning lower than this average, that is completely fine as every method taught is via a FREE approach or a cheaper alternative. We also cover methods on obtaining business funding, if you do require it.




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