Backend Development Certificate Program

Level:All Levels
InstructorSiben Nayak
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Program Overview

Key Highlights

  • Become a pro at Microservices
  • Answer Systems Design and Java questions with ease
  • Train in Java with the Java Bootcamp at no additional cost
  • Learn how to deploy Cloud-native applications on Amazon EC2, Docker
  • Learn system design and serverless architectures
  • 100+ hours of industry projects
  • Upskill in 13 tools and languages
  • Resume tool and reviewAttend Masterclasses with Industry Experts from Google, LinkedIn
  • Learn how to ace your Systems Design and Coding interview

Backend Development Program:
1. Top 3 in-demand tech job
2. Pays an annual avg. base salary of $111K
3. Job listings have shown 161% growth
Earning a median salary of $141,000 now made easy with upGrad's Backend Development Program. Start today!

Meet your instructors:
Siben Nayak photo
Siben Nayak
Staff Software Engineer
Niranjan Lokanathan photo
Niranjan Lokanathan
Strategic Cloud Engineer
Abhishek Sawhney photo
Abhishek Sawhney
Senior Solutions Architect
Vishwa Mohan photo
Vishwa Mohan
Staff Software Engineer