B2B Marketing Strategy with Account-Based Marketing(ABM) 2.0

Course description
In this course, Bilal Hassan will share his expertise and insights on Account-based Marketing(ABM) 2.0, which is quickly becoming the standard for B2B marketing. The course will cover Account-based Marketing(ABM) 2.0, including the latest technologies, strategies, and tactics to help students create highly personalized campaigns targeting specific accounts. Students will learn how to leverage data insights to create tailored content, use automation to scale personalization, and employ a multichannel approach to engage target accounts. Throughout the course, Bilal will provide real-world examples and case studies to demonstrate how Account-based Marketing(ABM) 2.0 can drive business growth and improve ROI. Students will also learn how to align their sales and marketing teams to achieve common goals and track the success of their Account-based Marketing(ABM) 2.0 campaigns through key metrics and KPIs. By the end of the course, students will have the knowledge and skills to implement a successful Account-based Marketing(ABM) 2.0 strategy, from developing a comprehensive plan to measuring its impact on business outcomes. This course is ideal for marketers who want to stay ahead of the curve in B2B marketing and improve their ability to engage target accounts and drive business growth. Here are the Main Points of this Course.1-Introduction to Account-Based Marketing(ABM) 2.02-Data-Driven Account Selection (in Account-based Marketing 2.0)3-Personalization and Customization (in Account-based Marketing 2.0)4-Advanced Targeting Techniques (in Account-based Marketing 2.0)5-Multi-Channel Engagement Strategies (in Account-based Marketing 2.0)6-Measuring Success and Optimizing Campaigns (in Account-based Marketing 2.0)7-Case Studies and Best Practices (in Account-based Marketing 2.0)




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