B2B Marketing: Customer Segmentation Strategies And Models

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Is Your B2B Segmentation Truly Customer Focused?Deploy the Jobs-to-be-done framework to add strategic depth to your segmentation model. Uncover opportunities for revenue growth, go-to-market optimization, product development, and pricing improvement by discovering, targeting, and tailoring to attractive customer segments. While demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral customer segmentation frameworks can be useful, they may not be enough for a robust B2B segmentation strategy. To target a cluster of customers who may have a similar need for the same product/service you need to ensure that the cluster has uniform jobs-to-be-done and pain points. Even if a group of customers has similar demographic, psychographic, geographic or behavioral attributes, if they do not have the same jobs-to-be-done, you can't pitch them a specific product or service in a targeted manner. This small investment in example-based learning will help you improve customer relevancy for your marketing initiatives. Compare to theory-based courses that can cost hundreds of dollars and can take months to complete. Quickly learn practical and useful B2B customer segmentation concepts, based on real-world examples, to help you get started quickly. Imagine addressing attractive, but underserved, customer segments with growth potential! Wouldn't that make you the marketing genius in your team?This course is a part of the ValuZition B2B Marketing Specialization to transform your marketing strategy with customer intimacy and data-driven decision making. Learn practical and useful B2B marketing concepts, based on real-world examples, from an accomplished marketing leader. Get tools that can improve your company's revenue growth, profitability, marketing ROI, and CX. Below is a summary of the courses in the Specialization and their outcomes. 1. Leading with Customer Applications: Learn how to engage with customers earlier in their journey to generate influence and preference for your products later in their journey. Trigger your customers to move from status-quo and prefer your solutions over your competitors' by focusing on their jobs-to-be-done and pain points.2. Strategic Messaging Using Value Proposition Design: Differentiate your products and solutions by focusing on customer outcomes. Increase the impact of your B2B Marketing messaging, copy, content, and sales enablement tools.3. Customer Segmentation Strategies and Models: Deploy the Jobs-to-be-done framework to add strategic depth to your segmentation model. Uncover opportunities for revenue growth, go-to-market optimization, product development, and pricing optimization by discovering and targeting attractive customer segments.4. Customer Journey and Go-to-market Strategy: Learn why customer journeys are important, how voice of the customer and data analytics can be great tools to discover customer journey insights, and why it's critical to have your go-to-market strategy is informed by customer journey inputs.5. Pricing Management to Drive Revenue and Margin Growth: Transform your B2B Pricing Strategy from Price to Value. Explore new Pricing Strategies and learn how to effectively use Pricing as a Revenue and Margin Management tool. Learn fast, apply faster from real-world examples and spreadsheet-based analysis tools.




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