AWS VPC and Networking in depth: Learn practically in 8 hrs

Course description
This course aims to build the complete understanding of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Networking from ground up where students will understand the networking core concepts by doing exercises on their own. This course contains 2 sections. First section is about Understanding AWS Networking where I have explained starting from very basics the AWS VPC, VPC components and Private connectivity options in AWS. If you are already aware of AWS networking components, then you may want to skip this section and jump directly to hands on exercises section.1. Understanding AWS Networking in depthPhysical on premises networking vs AWS VPCGetting familiar with AWS VPC terminologies - VPC, Subnets, Route tables, Internet Gateway, Security Group, Network ACLUnderstanding VPC CIDRUnderstanding Subnets and Route TablesPublic Subnet vs Private SubnetUnderstanding NAT (Network Address Translation) ConceptNAT Gateway and NAT instanceAWS Private Connectivity optionsUnderstanding VPC PeeringVPC Endpoint and Privatelink for private connectivity to AWS ServicesVPN connection / Direct ConnectTransit VPCTransit GatewayAWS Client VPN2. AWS Networking Hands on exercises (Basics to Advance)Create VPC with single public subnet, launch EC2 instance and connect over internetCreate VPC with Pubic and Private subnet, connect to EC2 instance in Private subnet via EC2 instance in Public subnetCreate NAT Gateway and allow EC2 instances in Private subnet to access internet through NAT GatewayCreate and use NAT EC2 instance instead of NAT GatewayCreate VPC Peering between VPCs across AWS regions and connect to EC2 instance over private IP by using VPC peering connectionCreate VPC endpoint gateway for S3 and access S3 contents from EC2 instance in Private subnet without requiring internet connectionCreate and use VPC Private Link to expose your Web service privately to application hosted in another VPCImplement AWS region level failover using AWS Route53Hosting website on S3 using custom domain name from GoDaddyHosting HTTPS enabled website using S3 and CloudFrontAdvanced Networking: Setup Site-To-Site VPN between AWS VPC and simulated on-premise networkAdvanced Networking: Setup AWS and Google Site to Site VPN using Dynamic BGP RoutingTransit Gateway - Setup communication between multiple VPCs and On-premise networkAWS Client VPN and various scenarios like accessing Internet, Split Tunnel, accessing Peered VPCs via Client VPN connectionAdditional exercises: Application Load Balancer - distribute traffic to backend EC2 instancesEnable Sticky session on ALBEnable HTTPS on Application Load BalancerALB Path based RoutingNote: This course does not cover all minute details/limits/what if kind of contents which are required to be remembered for AWS networking certification exam however this course instead focuses on understanding the core concepts well by doing hands on exercise.




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