Augmented Reality Art for Social Impact with Unity

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Augmented Reality for Social Impact is a comprehensive course that explores how augmented reality can be used to create socially conscious art projects. In this course, you will learn how to develop an AR art project using Unity game development software, image targets, animation, and sound to create an interactive and immersive AR experience. Throughout the course, you will learn how to draw simple illustrations, set up Unity and Vuforia for AR, and animate in Unity. You will also explore how to create an image to use as an image target and use it to create an AR experience that incorporates sound, animation, and visual art. Additionally, you will learn how to test your AR experience using a webcam. This course is designed for individuals who are interested in using augmented reality as a tool for social activism. You will explore how art can be used to express socially conscious ideas and create experiences that spark movements and build communities. You will also learn why AR is a powerful medium for activism, how it can be used to make a statement, and how it can take advantage of digital technology to increase the visibility of artistic expression. As you progress through the course, you will discover how augmented reality can be used to create experiences that go beyond watching a movie or looking at a picture. AR empowers users to create immersive visuals that are placed in the real world, creating a lasting impact that sparks change. By the end of the course, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to create and share your own AR experiences with models, animation, and sound in the popular Unity game engine. You will also have a deeper understanding of how augmented reality can be used as a tool for social activism and the power it holds to create real change.




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