ASP.NET Core Identity - User Security Essentials

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OverviewIn this course, you will learn the basics of modern authentication using the ASP. NET Core Identity Library and learn to extend the functionality relative to our specific business needs. While perfect security is arguably impossible to achieve, we will explore various techniques that go a long way in ensuring security and relative ease of use simultaneously. We will look at implementing security in a practical ASP. NET Core application and how we can implement role, claim, and custom policy-based authorization. Why ASP. NET Identity CoreAuthorization, Authentication, and User Management are mainstay features in real-world applications. Identity Core is the flagship library packaged with ASP. NET Core projects to help us get the most security possible. Getting authentication and authorization done right on your website can help keep your users and their data safe from attacks. Added features such as Two and Multi-Factor Authentication are relatively easy to plug in, and this library can easily be extended to implement unique business rules to surround how users are treated. Everything in this course is. NET 6 /. NET 7 compatible. Build A Strong Foundation in ASP. NET Core Security: Learn how to add Cookie Authentication manually to an ASP. NET Core applicationHow to properly implement User Roles, Claims, and Policies Learn how to use, build and manage User Claims Learn to implement user authentication and registration processes properlyLearn password policies and recoveryLearn to setup Emailing features for secure Account Confirmation, Forgot Password, and other processes Learn to add authorization and user restrictions Learn to Add Two and Multi-factor AuthenticationLearn Modern Authentication Methods (Social logins, OAuth, etc.)Even though the fundamentals of the security principles will be demonstrated with a Razor Pages application, all techniques and considerations can be taken in any ASP. NET Core application type, including MVC and Blazor.  It has content for developers at all levels, as there is always time/early to start thinking about the best security practices for your web application. Content and OverviewTo take this course, you must have some knowledge of. NET Core development and C#. This course has just over 5 hours of premium content, smartly broken up to highlight related activities based on each module in the application being built. We will also look at troubleshooting and debugging errors as we go along, implementing best practices, writing efficient logic, and understanding why developers do things the way they do. Your knowledge will grow, step by step, throughout the course, and you will be challenged to be the best you can be. We don't always do things the perfect way the first time; that is not the reality of writing code. We make mistakes and point them out and fix them around them. By doing this, we develop proficiency in using debugging tools and techniques. By the time you have finished the course, you will have moved around in Visual Studio and examined logic and syntax errors so much that it will be second nature for you when working in the. NET environment. This will put your newly learned skills into practical use and impress your boss and coworkers. The course is complete with working files hosted on GitHub, including some files to make it easier for you to replicate the demonstrated code. You will be able to work alongside the author as you work through each lecture and will receive a verifiable certificate of completion upon finishing the course.




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