ASP .NET Core (MVC) Complete Course-Beginner

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InstructorLinda Mazibuko
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Course description


In this course you are going to learn by doing. We are going to create a complete ASP .NET Core MVC application. Along the process of creating the web application you are going to learn many concepts and techniques essential when creating a .NET Core MVC web app. These include but not limited to Entity Framework core, SQL Server , Microsoft Identity, authentication using social networks accounts (OAuth 2.0 - such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft account) ,Material UI using Materialize CSS, authentication, authorization etc.

The web application we are going to create is for a Car Renting business. The will be two kinds (roles) of users using the web app. The first user role is for General Users where the users will be able to create their user accounts or use social media accounts to log in to the web app. They will have access to view all the cars and car brands available for renting. They will be also be able to rent their favorite car in case it is still available in stock. In addition to that, they will have their personal dashboard where all the cars they have rented will be displayed.

The other user role the application will have is Admin role. Users with admin role will have access to everything the users with general user roles have. Users with admin role will have additional access to role management feature of which they will be able to add or remove users to a specific role. They will also be able to add content to the web app such as new cars or cars promotions(i.e. showcases) .

Source code is available at the last video of the course.

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn how to create an ASP .NET Core MVC data-driven web application
  • Learn the MVC architecture and how to use it easily to add features to a web application
  • Learn local authentication (register new user accounts and use credentials to log in to web
  • Enable login by the users using their social accounts like Facebook, Microsoft Account, Google etc. (OAuth)
  • Learn Entity Framework and how to work with SQL Database
  • Learn how to create services(Interfaces and Repositories)


  • Basic knowledge of CSS,HTML and js will be added advantage but its not required.
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