Arduino UNO and Basic Electronics - Complete beginner course

Course description
Hello there! Welcome to Arduino UNO and Basic electronics - Complete course. This is a combined course consisting of topics related to the Arduino UNO and basic electronics, both! This course is designed in such a way that it gives theoretical and practical learning experience with lots of activities for practice on each topic and also contains 8 real life projects from which few are based on real life examples. We will learn about Arduino UNO and basic electronics (various sensors, electronic components, etc. ; activities such as: soldering, wire trimming are also included) from scratch and step by step. What will you learn ?Learn about Arduino UNO from scratch based on block coding. Experience real life look a like electronics components in simulation software first and later on use them in real life as well. Learn about basics of coding by using practical and user friendly method called block coding. No prior experience in coding is required for learning block coding. Learn in-depth things about different electronic components like their usages/ functionalities, specifications, capacities, connections, working principles, etc. Have hands on learning tutorials even for trimming of wires, Soldering and see build the 8 projects  and much more. Learn about embedded C language from scratch to intermediate with activities and examples. The text based programming language, Embedded  C (Nothing but, extension of C language) is being taught in a different way in this course by comparing it with the block based coding language which makes it easier for the learner to understand the working of the text based code and have a better understanding on the code. Learn to make a circuit in simulation and real life by reading the electronic circuit diagrams.  Learning style of this course: First, theory is being taught and after that supporting examples or practice activities are conducted for proper understanding of that particular topic. Know about the How, when and why behind the electronic components. Step by step process from scratch. All the sections are supported by quiz's for knowing evaluating the learners knowledge. Quick response by the course creator for doubts related to course topics asked by the learners so that learning does not stop! Some Do It Yourself (DIY) or self making project ideas based on basic electronics and Arduino UNO which are fun to make and play based on real life usages! This course is designed from basics and organized in a user friendly structure. This course is for everyone who are new in this field and wants to learn something new and exciting about Arduino UNO and Basic electronics, and for those students as well who are experienced but they want to practice or brush-up their knowledge. This course will not make you job ready or a professional in this field but will surely give you a stepping stone to move ahead in this field of electronics and robotics. By the end of the course you will be having enough skill sets which will help you in selecting the right electronics components for your projects,  it will also help you to handle the electronic components in the correct way and let you code and make projects on your own. Looking forward to see you soon! Join me in the course - Arduino UNO and Basic electronics - Complete course to develop and brush up your skill sets.. Happy Learning:)!!




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