ArcGIS Pro & QGIS 2 in 1 paralell course

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DisclaimerThe QGIS course originally was built in spanish, following the same lessons done in the english popular course Learn ArcGIS Pro Easy!  We done it to demostrate than all this could be possible using open software; always in spanish.   Then, some english users asked us, we created a english version of the course; it´s the reason why the interface of the QGIS software is in spanish but all the audio is english.--------------------------------#AulaGEOWith this course you can expand your curriculum to know how to do the same task using ArcGIS Pro and QGIS.-Import data from tables-Import data from CAD-Georeference imagery-Buffer analyisis-Create bookmarks-Thematize and labeling-Drawing tools and editing tables-Final productsThe course includes materials data to download and do the task as in the videos.  Is developed over the last versions of QGIS  and ArcGIS Pro. Section 1: The basic with QGIS and ArcGIS Pro1. Let´s start with ArcGIS Pro2. Let´s start with the QGIS3. Data selection with ArcGIS Pro4. Data selection with QGIS5. Use bookmarks with ArcGIS Pro6. Use bookmarks with QGISSection 2: Creating and editing spatial data with QGIS and ArcGIS Pro7. Import data from Excel with ArcGIS Pro8. Import data from Excel with QGIS9. Symbology data with ArcGIS Pro10. Symbology data with QGIS11. Editing of attribute data with ArcGIS Pro12. Editing of attribute data with QGIS13. Labeling features with ArcGIS Pro14. Labeling features with QGIS15. Digitization of geographic information with ArcGIS Pro16. Digitization of geographic information with QGIS17. Georeferencing of images with ArcGIS Pro18. Georeferencing of images with QGISSection 3: Analysis data with ArcGIS Pro and QGIS19. Buffer analysis with ArcGIS Pro20. Buffer analysis with QGISSection 4: Publishing contents from QGIS and ArcGIS Pro21. Map generation with ArcGIS Pro22. Map generation with QGISSection 5: Let´s do it in AulaGEO - step by step excercises with QGIS and ArcGIS Pro23. Exercise 1. Import CAD data to GIS with ArcGIS Pro24. Exercise 1. A Import CAD data to GIS with QGIS25. Ejercicio 2. Import coordinates from Excel for split a polygon with ArcGIS Pro26. Ejercicio 2. A Import coordinates from Excel for split a polygon with QGIS27. Exercise 3. Calculation of areas and composition of fields with ArcGIS Pro28. Exercise 3. A Calculation of areas and composition of fields with QGIS29. Exercise 4. Buffer Analysis with ArcGIS Pro30. Exercise 4. A Buffer Analysis with QGIS31. Exercise 5. Attribute labeling with ArcGIS Pro32. Exercise 5. A Attribute labeling with QGIS33. Exercise 6. Thematization by attributes with ArcGIS Pro34. Exercise 6. A Thematization by attributes with QGIS35. Exercise 7. Digitization tricks with ArcGIS Pro36. Exercise 7. A Digitization tricks with QGIS37. Exercise 8. Gereferencing images with ArcGIS Pro38. Exercise 8. A Gereferencing images with QGIS




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