Amazon EKS Beginner: Elastic Kubernetes Service by AWS

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Amazon EKS (Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes) is a managed Kubernetes service that allows you to run Kubernetes on AWS without the hassle of managing the Kubernetes control plane. The Kubernetes control plane plays a crucial role in a Kubernetes deployment as it is responsible for how Kubernetes communicates with your cluster - starting and stopping new containers, scheduling containers, performing health checks, and many more management tasks. The big benefit of EKS, and other similar hosted Kubernetes services, is taking away the operational burden involved in running this control plane. You deploy cluster worker nodes using defined AMIs and with the help of CloudFormation, and EKS will provision, scale and manage the Kubernetes control plane for you to ensure high availability, security and scalability. This course will explore Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS) from the very basics of its configuration and it will give an opportunity to beginners to have a solid foundation of the basics. I will talk about how EKS architecture in order to provide a better understanding of how to manage container-based applications at scale. To summarize, you will learn: Refresh on Kubernetes basics and Introduction to EKS. How to install and configure Pre-requisites for EKS ClusterHow to create EKS ClusterHow Authentication and Authorization works in EKS and KubernetesHow to Launch Amazon optimized linux nodes for EKSCreate and Deploy applications in EKS clusterHow POD networking works in EKSAutoscaling concepts in EKS (Vertical and Horizontal POD Autoscaler)Load balancing and ALB ingress controller in EKSEKS Cluster Logging




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