Advance Metasploit Hacking Course by Black Hat Pakistan

Course description
Welcome to Advance Metasploit Hacking Course by Black Hat PakistanIn this Course you will learn all those things that are in my Course outline, and this Course is created by me and all the Content and Videos that are included in this course all is my own Content: My course is included recently almost 2 hours, but with the passage of time it will be increased more and more and also newly cyber attack or hacking attack will be added in this course if you purchase my Advance Metasploit Hacking Course, you will be student of my course if I'll do any change in my course or update or increase Course Price you can access those things, Because you are already my Students: Across 2 hours Instructor course, you'll learn: how hacker hack or launch attack by using their techniqueswhich tools hacker use when and which tools  used by hacker's. how hacker create own virtual lab environmentafter learning my course technique you can safe your self from Black hat hacker's or Hackershow you can Hide your identity on internet. All the techniques you will learn that are in course, and also you will learn these techniques by an Ethical Hacker or Cyber Security Expert, he will guide you each and everything that is in course description. I have created my course for those who can Understand English(US), my course is specially created for those who want to become Metasploit Professional or Cyber Security Expert, these peoples can purchase my Course. What skills are required for learning this Course: No need of any Programming languageNo need of computer expertBasic use of computer you knowAll Other things Instructor Teach youIn this Advance Metasploit Hacking Course, you will learn following Techniques: Class #01 Advance Metasploit Hacking Course Intro VideoClass #02 How to Setup lab Environment in VMWare WorkstationClass #03 Some Basic Command of Metasploit frameworkClass #04 How to Use Nmap with MetasploitClass #05 How to Port Forward using Ngrok ServerClass #06 How to Add New Exploit or Payload into MetasploitClass #07 How to make Payload for All Operating System & Website step by stepClass #08 How to Hack  Window 7 & Upload Payload or any file in Target System  & Download files folderClass #09 How to Hack Window 10 & Privilege Escalation, Post ExploitationClass #10 Windows Post Exploitation - Persistence With MetasploitClass #11 How to Hack Win 7 8 10 with just image easilyThese things that I have described in my Advance Metasploit Hacking Course, you will learn if you think this course is best for you and you can learn something new from  my Course, then don't waste your time let start to Hack those  things that  you want to  learn. And onething more once  you purchase my course you have life time access of this course and you can watch videos online or you can download videos from  my Udemy where's my course has been Uploaded, if you accidently deleted your Downloaded videos of Advance Metasploit Hacking Course, you can  download without any payment. In my Advance Metasploit Hacking Course your all confusion or  search will be clear, or things that you search on the Internet  like how to  become a hacker's or how hacker's hack this or that. if you have little bit interest  in this  course you can  purchase it, Inshallah next version of this course will be uploaded very soon




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