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Animation is simply about an object changing in some way over time. As a content creator/teacher, i use After Affects to create Intro, Outro, and Promo videos. I sometimes use After Effects to create Explainer videos (if it's not a screen capture course), or even if it is a largely screen capture course, I might create particular videos in After Effects as part of a larger course.

If you are in marketing, you'll want to use After Effects to create your marketing videos. You'll get a better ROI if you use After Effects to create motion graphics as this will ensure you get a potential clients attention and then keep their attention.

Some of the things covered in course:

a. How to Add and Animate Text

b. How To Add and Animate a Logo

c. How to Add and Animate a Lower Third

Overall, the goal is to make sure you are comfortable with all of the components necessary to create awesome animations.


What Will I Get ?

  • How to Create Text Animations
  • How To Create Logo Animations
  • How To Create Lower Thirds
  • How To Use All the Main Components of After Effects


  • None. This course is for total beginners/newbies.
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