Adobe After Effects: Bring Your Illustrations to Life

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InstructorSajeev G Nair
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Course description


Hi Guys, welcome to the Paper Boat Animation in Adobe After Effects class, In this class, I will show you the basics of Adobe after effects and we will create a simple Paper boat animation using only the basic tools available in After effects. The goal of this class is to show beginners and first-time After effects users that the software is rather simple and interesting. So get ready and be ready to learn and enjoy the world of animation. After-effects are primarily used in all visual media from education to movie production. This course will give you the starting point to learning to create animations in after effects

The class project for this class is very simple, Take something you used to do in your childhood and recreate it in after effects the simplest way possible or you can follow the class and create the Boat animation and as many projects as possible. Practice always makes us perfect, So create as much as possible and share your wonderful works with all of us. Making a class project is essential to test everything you have learned from a class and sharing the projects with close friends and social media helps you improve your ability to create amazing content.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to After effects.

What Will I Get ?

  • Basics of after effects

  • Learning to work with shapes and pen tool in after effects

  • basic of animation in after effects


  • Copy of any version of After Effects and an open mind

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