Advanced App Development in Android Capstone

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InstructorBenny Lo
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This capstone project has been designed as an opportunity to practice what you have learned in the first 3 courses of this specialisation. This capstone project consists of 4 assignments. You will have to develop an immersive Android app with the use 3D graphics, sensor control and VR. For the first assignment, you will have to develop a virtual art gallery using the Android Canvas drawing functions introduced in Course 1 "Introduction to Android graphics". The second assignment entails the design and development of a virtual 3D art gallery based on OpenGL ES applying the knowledge and skills acquired in Course 2 "Android Graphics with OpenGL ES". For the third assignment you will create a virtual reality app with your 3D art gallery, using advanced techniques like introducing sensor control, animations, binocular view for VR, lighting effects and texture mapping, based on the knowledge and skills you learned in Course 3 "3D Graphics in Android: Sensors and VR". For the final submission of the capstone project we give you the avenue to combine your creativity with all the knowledge and skills you gained in Android graphics programming from the three first courses. This capstone is intended for learners with basic knowledge in Android app development seeking to develop knowledge in computer graphics and virtual reality in Android. The learners should have completed the 3 courses in this specialisation (i.e. Course 1 "Introduction to Android graphics", Course 2 "Android Graphics with OpenGL ES", and Course 3 "3D Graphics in Android: Sensors and VR") before starting this capstone project.

Meet your instructors:

  • Benny Lo photoBenny Lo
    Senior Lecturer
    Dr. Benny Lo received his BASc in Electrical Engineering - Computer Engineering from the University of British Columbia in Canada, MSc with distinction in Electronic Engineering - Computer Vision from King's College London and PhD in Computing from Imperial College London. He is currently working as a Senior Lecturer (equivalent to an Associate Professor) at the Hamlyn Centre of Robotic Surgery/ Department of Surgery and Cancer, Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London. He is the chair of the IEEE EMB Technical Committee on Wearable Biomedical Sensors and Systems, and a Steering Committee member of the IEEE EMB Standards Committee. He is an associate editor of IEEE J-BHI, the editorial board member of International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks (IJDSN), and an international advisory board member of Physiological Measurement – Institute of Physics Publishing. Dr Lo's research mainly focuses on body sensor networks, pervasive computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, biomedical engineering, wearable robot, clinical translation, microelectronics, and biometrics. He has published over 200 peer-review research articles and he has received numerous awards recognising his innovative research work, such as best paper awards, Bluetooth Innovator of the Year, etc.




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