A to Z Microsoft windows server 2019/2022 Administration

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About this courseWelcome to the Windows Server 2019/2022 Administration course, which is part of a set of three courses that cover Windows Server administration and transitioning to cloud-only and hybrid models. This course focuses on Windows Server 2019/2022 administration, when servers are deployed on-premises. Course WS-012T: Windows Server 2019/2022 Hybrid and Azure IaaS covers the use of Microsoft Azure in managing server workloads in hybrid environments and helping secure virtual machines that are running on Windows Server 2019/2022. Course WS-013T: Azure Stack HCI covers the running of virtual workloads on Microsoft platforms at medium to large scale by using software-defined datacenters and hyperconverged principles. We really hope you'll agree, this training is way more than the average course on Udemy! Have access to the following: Training from an instructor of over 25 years who has trained thousands of people and also a Microsoft Certified TrainerLecture that explains the concepts in an easy to learn method for someone that is just starting out with this materialInstructor led hands on and simulations to practice that can be followed even if you have little to no experienceCourse introduction. About this course. ■■Module 1 Windows Server administration. Overview of Windows Server administration principles and tools. Introducing Windows Server 2019. Overview of Windows Server Core. Module 01 lab and review. ■■Module 2 Identity services in Windows Server. Overview of AD DS. Deploying Windows Server domain controllers. Overview of Azure AD. Implementing Group Policy. Overview of AD CS. Module 02 lab and review. ■■Module 3 Network infrastructure services in Windows Server. Deploying and managing DHCP. Deploying and managing DNS services. Deploying and managing IPAM. Module 03 lab and review.■■Module 4 File servers and storage management in Windows Server. Volumes and file systems in Windows Server. Implementing sharing in Windows Server. Implementing Storage Spaces in Windows Server. Implementing Data Deduplication. Implementing iSCSI. Deploying DFS. Module 04 lab and review. ■■Module 5 Hyper-V virtualization and containers in Windows Server. Hyper-V in Windows Server. Configuring VMs. Securing virtualization in Windows Server. Containers in Windows Server. Overview of Kubernetes. Module 05 lab and review. ■■Module 6 High availability in Windows Server. Planning for failover clustering implementation. Creating and configuring failover clusters. Overview of stretch clusters. High availability and disaster recovery solutions with Hyper-V VMs. Module 06 lab and review. ■■Module 7 Disaster recovery in Windows Server. Hyper-V Replica. Backup and restore infrastructure in Windows Server. Module 07 lab and review. ■■Module 8 Windows Server security. Credentials and privileged access protection in Windows Server. Hardening Windows Server. Just Enough Administration in Windows Server. Securing and analyzing SMB traffic. Windows Server Update Management. Module 08 lab and review.■■Module 9 RDS in Windows Server. Overview of RDS. Configuring a session-based desktop deployment. Overview of personal and pooled virtual desktops. Module 09 lab and review. ■■Module 10 Remote Access and web services in Windows Server. Overview of RAS in Windows Server. Implementing VPNs. Implementing NPS. Implementing Always On VPN. Implementing Web Server in Windows Server. Module 10 lab and review. ■■Module 11 Server and performance monitoring in Windows Server. Overview of Windows Server monitoring tools. Using Performance Monitor. Monitoring event logs for troubleshooting. Module 11 lab and review. ■■Module 12 Upgrade and migration in Windows Server. AD DS migration. Storage Migration Service. Windows Server Migration Tools. Module 12 lab and review.■■TOPICS COVERED INCLUDING HANDS ON LECTURE AND PRACTICE TUTORIALS:




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