A beginners guide to T-SQL ( Transact-SQL)

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T-SQL (Transact-SQL) also referred to as T-sequel is Microsoft's implementation of the SQL standard language. This course is intended for users who are new to writing SQL statements for SQL Server database and  will provide you with the basic knowledge and skills to create queries using Transact-SQL. It will teach you how to select, filter and sort data from multiple tables and how to use views and stored procedures. Transact-SQL is an essential skill for data professionals and developers working with SQL databases T -SQL requires an SQL Server database i will walk you through downloading and installing SQL Server Express 2014 and also downloading and installing a sample database. You will be introduced to SQL Server Management Studio 2014 also known in the tech industry as SSMS. This is the tool you will use to write and see the output of your T-SQL queries.    Target Audience:   •  Novice SQL developers  •  Novice Database administrators  •  Aspiring data analyst  •  Aspiring data warehouse professionals  •  IT Professionals who want to learn T-SQL What you'll learn how to:    •  Create Transact-SQL SELECT queries   •  Work with data types and NULL   •  Query multiple tables with JOIN   •  Use Aggregate data   •  Use table expressions   •  Group sets and pivot data   •  Modify data   •  Filter rows of data   •  Use basic equality filters   •  Use logical and comparison filters   •  Use stored procedures   •  Aliases   •  Case expressions After completing this course you should be confident to write your T-SQL statements and run them against SQL Server Database. Looking forward to you joining the course:-)




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